• It's All Good ft. C-Trox Indy
  • Don't Get It Misunderstood ft. Venice
  • Cole (Fire Squad Response)
  • Can't Tell Nobody
  • Kitty (Clap Twice)
  • L.S.B. (Loyal Side Bitches) ft. Venice

Who is Kyle Coglitore?

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Brother. Fighter. Artist. Giver. Friend. Minnesotan. College Graduate. Businessman. Entertainer. Son. These are the titles that define Kyle Coglitore, the man behind a growing movement of socially-positive hip-hop that’s championed the ears of young adults in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Starting with explosive, west coast-influenced beats and party-infused lyrical content, the silky smooth rapper found himself the topic of discussion on the Internet in the summer and fall of 2014, channeling his musical ambitions and celebratory lifestyle to craft clever hit-singles with equally-compelling music videos to match. Riding the initial wave of success has shifted Kyle’s focus towards bettering his skills and propelling his message to even greater heights. This website is dedicated to everything Kyle Coglitore as he continues to overcome challenges and best his competition. Kyle Coglitore‘s most recent project is titled Nice Guys Finish Last and is available for download on DatPiff. His previous and first EP Collection Of Thoughts is also available for download on DatPiff and can be purchased on iTunes. Be sure to follow Kyle Coglitore on instagram, youtubetwitter, and facebook.


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